Satakshi Chatterjee
Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Mgt

I am a 8th semester student of Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management at Scintilla Academy for Applied Sciences Education & Research. The Institution offers excellent industry-oriented curriculum and Internships programs that match job requirements at Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.

Scintilla also conducts a series of seminars hosted by various industry experts which gives us an in depth view of the current scenarios in the pharmaceutical market.

As a part of our curriculum, we also get an extensive view of the practical sides of the pharmaceutical industry in the form of the two very important internships of 3-month duration fitted into the 5 years integrated course.
Currently, I am doing my internship in Sigma Aldrich private limited which is a renowned company globally. I am doing my internship in the project management.

Scintilla provides an all round package which is very helpful in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries and it develops the students to be extremely focused in achieving their goals.
Pooja Chowdhury
MSc Cancer Biology- II Sem
“Scintilla” as in the name of our Institution “Scintilla Academy for Applied Sciences’ Education and Research”, SCINTILLA refers to a spark or flash of light. I believe that a spark of complete knowledge can light the lamp of true knowledge.Our institution is like Home Away from Home. Coming from a different state- West Bengal, Kolkata, it seemed pretty difficult for me to adjust in an extremely new place where language was a barrier, but out of my expectations, it was not at all problematic to overcome this barrier because each and every faculty of Scintilla was very helpful and they stepped forward to teach me “Kannada” as requested. Now, about our Chairman, Dr. S.N Nagendra- he is great and clears out all our doubts regarding studies and career prospects. He also takes couple of classes. His experience in Cancer Research provides a supportive pillar for every student to progress eventually. In my “second home” I refer my college as, I have learnt a lot more than only books and notes. More importantly I have learnt to apply my knowledge in the practical world. Each time after class our Professors talk about application of whatever we did in class the very same day, which provides great concept about industrial and research world out there. The first thought of starting such a program is to revolutionize the way of gaining knowledge in Applied Sciences, through projects and internships, included in our course curriculum. According to me, we the students at Scintilla will be the exotic ones to acquire Masters in Cancer Biology and be completely ready to face the tough industrial world by the time we get our degrees.

As rightly said by Francis Bacon KNOWLEDGE IS POWER