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About Scintilla BIO-MARC Pvt. Ltd. (SBM)

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SBM Pvt. Ltd. a Bangalore, India-based molecular diagnostics company offers PCR, DNA and Protein -based molecular profiling of chronic human diseases including, cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammation, infectious diseases, and high-throughput metabolomics, biomarker validation, and regulated bioanalysis to accelerate development of molecular diagnostics and therapeutics. Armed with the state-of-the-art instrumentation platforms, the company caters to the clinicians’  effort to customize medication to their patients. Scintilla also caters to the need of drug development companies to catalyze project end-points in therapeutic and biomarker validation. Scintilla BIO-MARC is located in a strategic location surrounded by several educational institutions, medical colleges and multi-specialty hospitals. Scintilla molecular diagnostic laboratory has been set up in a spacious 5000 sq feet of space at Scintilla Towers, Ullal Road, near Bangalore University, which is connected by express ways from the airport, bus and railway stations
The SBM was formed by a group of highly skilled, US-trained clinical and molecular diagnostic experts working to maximize the value of their extensive biomedical research and clinical experience. Scintilla team consists of experienced doctors and scientists who understand that behind every specimen and result there is a human life linked with a family. Our scientists have more than 100 years of combined clinical laboratory research experience and provide unsurpassed diagnostic insights to our customers including healthcare clinics and healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducting clinical trials in India. Through the years in academics and industry we have performed biomarker testing for cancers of the breast, prostate, ovary, and thyroid as well as leukemia and lymphoma. From screening to diagnosis to post-therapeutic monitoring, we offer one of the most comprehensive molecular testing capabilities for the evaluation of chronic diseases.
Here is a select list of services offered by Scintilla
• Cancer Diagnosis/ Prognosis/ Disease/Therapeutic Monitoring
• Metabolic Diseases- Diagnosis/ Prognosis
• Infectious Diseases
• Cardiovascular Diseases- Diagnosis/ Prognosis
• Anticoagulant Therapy Monitoring
• Tissue Typing for Transplantation/ Grafting and Monitoring of Organ Rejection/ Acceptance
• Universal Genetic Testing (In-born Error in Children)
• Fertility Tests
• Prospective parents (Routine pre-pregnancy Testing)- To determine the risk of passing rare inherited genes, linked to diseases to their progeny
• Consanguineous Couples (pre-pregnancy Testing)- SNPs-based Assay Method
• Bone Marrow Disorders
• Central Nervous System Disorders
• Presenilin Mutation
• Thalassemia
• Clinical Research –Biomarker Identification, Validation and Development
• Education & Training in Clinical Research
• Medical Writing