Message from Management

S. N. Nagendra, Ph.D.,MBA, CCRP.
Managing Trustee and Chairman

My dear students, Scintilla Academy is in tune with Swami Viveknanada’s quote “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.” India being one of the fastest growing economies of the world would require professionals having latest technical and professional knowledge and skills. We have the responsibility to prepare the students for the future and this requires constant introspection, foresight and effective implementation. The wings of Scintilla Academy has been developed to cater to niche and specialized education in areas of Science, Research and Management studies which is the current need of youth today.

The syllabi are dynamic, focused and research oriented in nature that will be offered to you. A highly experienced and research oriented academic team with the state-of-the-art laboratories will provide you the knowledge and hands on experience to enable you to surge forward in the modern world with confidence and the required expertise.
Our vision is to provide world class initiatives and academic practices that focus on the overall development of our students who would impart their knowledge and climb the ladder of success in any field they choose. We have an extremely dedicated team of faculty members who guide, mentor, and counsel the students continuously and bring out the best from them. The faculty also strongly believes in attainment of goals and accordingly adapt to changes around. This skill is deftly conveyed to the students as well.

We look forward to mentoring you to realize your dreams.

Why is it so important to educate students in applied aspects of life sciences?
Now the basic science laboratory work in test tubes and in animals is being translated into clinical use in humans. The translation of basic medical chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, and physiology into improved diagnostic tests, medicines, and treatments for use in clinical practice are in high gear. The final crucial step in clinical care is the delivery of recommended care to the right patient at the right time that would result in improvement in patient’s health and avoid unnecessary adverse effects of non-targeted therapies. At Scintilla Academy, the Applied Life Science and Management courses are offered to prepare students to accept the challenges of modern medicine.
At Scintilla, the syllabi of the courses have significant emphasis on lab-based course works. The laboratory and theory courses will be delivered by real-time scientists who understand and work on current technologies. The laboratories are well equipped with modern instrumentation, and students will invest sufficient hands-on time on instruments. This will ensure that students after successful completion of their courses will be highly confident and competitive in the job market. The Scintilla Academy has collaborative agreements with major educational institutions, including medical centers, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. Scintilla Academy also plans to register with University Grants Commission and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) as recognized life sciences research center for PhD programs. Scintilla students who successfully complete M.Sc. courses will have an opportunity to seek PhD programs offered by Scintilla Academy in collaboration with US-based universities.
In the national and global management space, as a young student looking for qualification in above disciplines, you require a challenging learning experience within a highly supportive environment capable of providing you with a business qualification recognized and relevant throughout the world. Your solution could be at Scintilla Academy which is recognized by University of Mysore (, Mysore, Karnataka, one of India’s leading Universities.
With warm wishes,
S. N. Nagendra, Ph.D.,MBA, CCRP.


Narendra.S., B.Arch.
Managing Director & Organizing Secretary
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Scintilla Academy. Choosing a college is an important decision as it is very likely to affect you for the rest of your life.

Our academy’s ambition is to offer high quality academic, professional, and foundation programmes in the most suitable environment to its students.

Scintilla Academy has set its goals to provide excellent education. At scintilla academy success is guaranteed.
Studying at Scintilla Academy does more than promoting academic enrichment and personal growth; it enhances one’s employment prospects. Students who have studied here allow themselves to develop and build a wide range of skills that are valued in today’s competitive workplace and understanding of international, political, and economic issues. These students not only gain cross-cultural communication skills, flexibility, resilience, but also the ability to adapt to new environments.

We have expertise in catering to the needs of individual students. I can guarantee that the students/parent with whom we counsel will begin to realize the idea that they find the right kind of B-School much more quickly without compromising the quality of education a college provide depending on their budget.

We look forward to the next century in the belief that education will continue to be of greater and greater importance both individually and collectively in facing the challenges of the new economy.
With best wishes,
Narendra. S. B. Arch.

Program Director’s Message
In today’s world of constant change and economic uncertainty, students are quite perplexed in choosing their career path. Those streams which were considered to be great career prospects in the 90’s or even till 2008 has lost its shine. Every year, we see there is a fall in the number of students who are appearing for CAT or MAT. In the last three years, we have seen several Management and Engineering colleges have shut down due to low student intake. It is quite evident that students want to come out of conventional courses and are ready to take career oriented courses. Where we have seen a surge in engineering colleges or management colleges, we have seen very few colleges taking research based courses. In several write up from Ministry of HRD, we also see that they are asking the colleges to come up with courses that are career oriented or industry oriented.

Keeping the above concept in mind, we in Scintilla Academy have come up with courses that are industry oriented and research based. The main motto of our institute is to produce students who are industry from the day they leave the college. This will save the unnecessary cost of training the students for the industry. To achieve this, Scintilla Academy will have constant Industry Visit for the students and Faculty members, so that they can understand the need of the industry. Vis-à-vis Industry people will be invited in Scintilla Academy, so that they can interact with students and faculty members. Apart from these, throughout the year there will industry-academia related programme and seminars. All these coupled with the industry internship that all students will go through will make the students industry ready from day one.
In this period of uncertainty, we have seen that two industries which have stayed ahead of others are namely Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. Keeping this in mind and after extensive research we have come up with a new course – Integrated Bachelor and Master in Pharmaceutical Management which is copyrighted under Copyright Office, Government of India. We also incorporated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. The course is uniquely designed for fulfilling the specialized manpower needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The course gives the student through knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Medical and Management subjects, thereby making the student a through professional in the Pharmaceutical as well as Management field.

Specialization is the need of the hour; this course makes the student a specialist in the field. Till the late 90’s we have seen that when we used to get sick we would consult our general physician but nowadays if we have a stomach problem we visit.

With best wishes,
Program Director