M.Sc. Cancer Biology

Cancer Research at Work:

Science has a profound influence on professional practice in the private and public sector. This module considers the ways in which different professions interact with science and scientists, and how this influences the work they do. Their interaction with the public will also be discussed. A series of external speakers with diverse professional backgrounds will describe their work, the role of science in their profession, and the way in which science influences their actions and interactions with the public and other professions. This module introduces students to the different career opportunities for cancer scientists and the way in which scientific information relating to cancer is transmitted to key audiences.

Course Intent:

The program focuses on the scientific study of carcinogens; the onset of malignancy in cells, tissues, blood, and organs; the genetics of cancer; the anatomy and physiology of cancer cells; and the study of cancer cell behaviors and treatments. Students will study gene expression; oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; viral genes and cancer proliferation; regulation of signal transduction; cancer proteins; hormonal and growth factors in cancer cells; tumor promotion, progression, and metastasis; carcinogen receptors and metabolism; carcinogen ecology; immunological targeting; and studies of genetic, chemical, radiologic and other treatment therapies.