Governing Council

Name Designation
Dr. S. N. Nagendra, PhD, MBA, CCRP  Chairman
Dr. Divya Khaitan, PhD  Member Secretary
Ar. Narendra S. B.Arch Member
Dr. Laxmi Reddy, PhD. DABCC  Member
Dr. Giridhar Babu, MD, MBA  Member
Mr. B.H.Lokesh. B.E.(C.S)  Member

Academic Council
The Academic Council is the highest academic body and is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination within the institution. It has the right to advise the Executive Council on all academic matters.
The Academic Council is responsible for lying down the academic policies in regard to maintenance and improvement of standards of teaching, research, extension collaboration programmes in academic matters and evaluation of work-load of the teachers.
The Academic Council is the supreme academic body of the institution.  It is a body with its members drawn from different spheres of academic life like Deans of Faculties, Heads of teaching departments, members of the Syndicate, Principals of colleges, representatives of teachers and students, external experts, etc.  The Academic Council has the power to make regulations and to amend or repeal them, to advise the Senate and the Syndicate on all academic matters, to prescribe the courses of studies in the University, to prescribe the qualifications of teachers, to make provision for the admission of students to the various courses, and so on.  The Council meets ordinarily once in six months.
Academic Council Profile
•  Dr. S. N. Nagendra, Chairman – Scintilla Academy
•  Dr. Divya Khaitan – Secretary & Director (Life Sciences), Scintilla Academy
•  Ar. Narendra S.- Managing Director, Scintilla Academy
•  Dr. J K Palit. President Bihar Educational Development Society
•  Dr. Suriya Narayanan, Chairman – Zyris Dermacare
•  Dr. Gautam Sanyal, Dean – NIT, Durgapur
•  Dr. Shailaja M. Dharmesh – Principle Scientist, CFTRI, Mysore
•  Dr. Jayachandra Shenoy – Prof. of Electrical Sciences, IISE, Bangalore
•  Dr. H. G. Nagendra – Prof. of Bioinformatics, MVIT, Bangalore
•  Dr. Indrajit Sanyal – Prof. IBPF, Mumbai
•  Dr. Belliappa – Radiation Oncologist, HCG, Bangalore
•  Mr. K.K. Gupta – Director, IBRT, Mumbai