With great pride and excitement, we seek to introduce to you our institution -Scintilla Academy for Applied Sciences’ Education &Research (SAASER), Jnanajyothinagar, Near Bangalore University, Ullal Main Road, Bangalore 560 060, KA, India, www.scintillaacademy.com. The SAASER is recognized by University of Mysore (http://www.uni-mysore.ac.in/programmes/) India to offer post graduate courses in applied biological science and Business Administration. SAASER is a non-profit education and research trust, which was registered in September 2011 at Bangalore. SAASER was specifically formed to bring advanced Applied Science course and Pharmaceutical Management course to teach and train science students in applied aspects of health care related courses through innovative teaching, hands-on practical training and vigorous scientific research. Scintilla seeks to administer Ph.D. programs through its qualified, UGC-CSIR recognized guides.
Distinguished teachers and researchers drawn from Academics and Pharmaceutical industry are recruited by Scintilla Academy to prepare the students with relevant technologies. The Dean and faculty of Scintilla Academy have more than 100 years of combined teaching and research experiences in India and abroad (USA, Germany). Dr. S.N. Nagendra has returned from USA after 20 years of teaching and research experience in several leading medical universities there. In addition, Dr. Laxmi Reddy, a distinguished molecular biologist from University of Chicago Medical Center, and Dr Divya Khaitan (recently returned from USA after significant clinical research experience at leading US-medical research centers), and scientists from leading pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries are on Scintilla’s advisory board and Scintilla Academy’s visiting faculty.

Core Faculty Members
– Dr. S. N. Nagendra, PhD. MBA CCRP
• Chairman & Distinguished Professor ( Dr. Nagendra CV“>Download Resume)
– Dr. Divya Khaitan, PhD.
• Director (Life Sciences) & Professor ( Download Resume )
– Dr. Laxmi Reddy, PhD. DABCC
• Professor
– Mr. Yash Ketarpal, M. Pharma, MBA
• Professor
– Ms. Divya S Narayana, (MSc- Cancer Biology)
• Lecturer & Laboratory Instructor
– Ms. Kruthika R.S, BSc (Biotechnology)
• Controller of Examination & Administration Associate

Visiting / Guest Faculty Members
• Prof. (Dr.) H. G. Nagendra, Professor, Bio Informatics, MVIT, Bangalore
• Prof. (Dr.) Giridhar Babu,Scientist,Public Health Foundation of India
• Prof. (Dr.) U.Jayachandra Shenoy,Principal Scientist, IISc, Bangalore
• Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Sanyal,Dean,NIT,Durgapur
• Prof. (Dr.) J.K.Palit,President, Bihar Education & Development Society
• Prof. (Dr.)Suriya Narayanan,Chairman,Zyris Dermacare
• Prof. (Dr.) Vishal Bishnoi, Prof.& HOD, Mngt & Research Dept.IMR, Gaziabad
• Prof. (Dr.) Indrajit Sanyal,Prof.IBPF, Mumbai
• Prof. Mahendra Joshi, M. Pharm., Founder IDRS Labs
• Prof. Pradip Kratgi, M. Pharm., Founder IDRS Labs
• Prof. Shivkumar Madki, M. Pharm., Founder IDRS Labs
• Prof. Sachin Siddhaye, MBA, Founder IDRS Labs
• Prof. Kawaljit Sarin, MBA., International Marketing Head Medikonnect, Bangalore
• Dr. Raghavendra Prasad, M.D.
• Mr. Vishal Kataria, MBA, Privils LLP, Bangalore
• Ms. Preethi Kataria, MBA, Privils LLP, Bangalore
• Dr. Shiva Kumar, M.Pharm., PhD. Institute of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Research
• Dr. Narasimha Murthy, M.Pharm., PhD. Dept. of Pharmaceutics, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, USA
• Dr. Shridhar Narayanan, PhD. Founder & Director of Foundation for Neglected Disease Research, Bangalore