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BMC Cancer Role of KCNMA1 gene in breast cancer invasion and metastasis to brain.

Cancer Control

Biochemical Modulation of Abnormal Brain Capillaries for Enhanced and Selective Drug Delivery

Cancer Research ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channel-Mediated Blood Brain Tumor Barrier Permeability Increase in a Rat Brain Tumor Model.

Drug News & Perspectives Calcium-dependent potassium channels as a target protein in the modulation of blood-brain tumor barrier

Expert Opinion Drug delivery to brain tumours: Challenges and Progress

Journal of Biological Chemistry Carbamoylation of Brain Glutamate Receptors by a Disulfiram Metabolite

Journal of Pharamacology & Experimental Therapeutics Regulation of Blood-Brain Tumor Barrier Permeability by Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels.

Frontiers in Pharmacology Targeting Potassium Channels for Increasing Delivery of Imaging Agents and Therapeutics to Brain Tumors

European Journal of Pharmacology Ningaraj_et_al_EJP_2009“>Activation of KATP Channels Increases anticancer drug delivery to Brain Tumor and survival

Cancer Biology and Therapy KCa channel Modulation Increases Anticancer Drug Delivery to Brain Tumors

Proceedings of the International Soceity of Magnetic Resonance Medicine Correlation Between Quantitative Autoradiography and the Reference Region Model of DCE-MRI

Frontiers in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery Targeting Ion Channels for Drug Delivery to Brain Tumors

Drug Target Insights Drug Target Insights Targeted Brain Tumor Treatment-Current Perspectives

U.S. Army Medical Research U.S. Army Medical Research